Your Loved Pet was created by April Moloney because she had a dream to offer earth friendly, healthy products that would enrich the lives of all pets. Offer healthy alternatives to the normal pet industry standards so our pets lives are enriched. We have a goal to make sure that products are not tested on animals and that most of the products we sell are created in the United States so that we help put people back to work.

I Love Pets and have owned many animals, fish, turtles, dogs, cats and birds over my lifetime. My actual first memory is of our family dog Cupid (born on Valentine’s Day). She was just a cute little furball then. She was such a healthy dog that she lived 21 years! Most of my pets have lived longer than their life expectancy and that is our goal for your pet.

I currently have 2 dogs that are rescues. A poodle named Zipper whom I inherited from my Mom when she passed away and Boss a Bull Mastiff, Pit-bull mix. Boss was brought into the family by my son Joey. Some of his friends were moving and had no plan as what to do with Boss. I was only going to only keep him for the weekend and then take him to a no kill shelter but I fell in love with him and that was that! I do not believe in Euthanizing animals because they haven’t been adopted that is just too horrible for words!

I have 3 male Betta fish that I love so much. They are like little dogs in fishbowls as each one has their own personality and tricks they do. They all are different kinds of Betta. Horton (shhh don’t tell the others but he is my favorite) is an Elephant Ear, Twilight is a Crown Tail, and finally Aquina is a Double Tail. I also have 5 females Juliet, a Paddle tail, Felicia, a Placket, Camilla, a veil tail Hope, a placket and Ophelia. They have all come with different illnesses and I have “doctored” them up and they are all. They are all beautiful and special in their own way.

I believe rescuing animals whether from a shelter, or a lost dog, or a betta from a horrible small cup! Adoption is the best option and I do not believe in Puppy Mills or breeders who do not have their future dog’s interest at heart that goes for cat breeders, small animal breeders, reptile breeders and fish breeders too!

Our Goal for your pet is that it lives a long and healthy life so you can give it all the love it deserves! Our products are about making sure that goal is met. Whether it is for enriching their lives or making them more healthy, we intend to provide what you need. Superior Customer Service is what you can expect from Your Loved Pet.

Here’s to hoping that your pet will live a long and healthy life!

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Having your product delivered to your doorstep is the most convenient way to get the items you need for your pet. We strive to make it easy to order, pay for and receive your order and will provide a tracking number on every order so you know exactly when the package will get there.

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We feel that it is important to carry products that are made in the USA so that we put to work the brilliant people of our country to work.

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We will never carry products that are tested on animals!!! We will strive to have environmentally friendly, renewable resources and organic products whenever possible. We strive to leave a small impact on our environment.

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We believe in pet adoptions or pet rescues over getting pets from puppy mills or breeders who do not necessarily have the best interest of each breed in mind. We do not want to see pets left behind or strays to wander on the streets unable to care for themselves. Some of my best pet friends have come from a rescue situation where they just needed someone to love and care for them. Take care of your furry friends and you will have a friend for life!

April Moloney
Owner of Your Loved Pet

Frank Moloney


If you can’t find a product you need, just contact us and we will try to find it for you!