Adoption is the best way to find your new pet. I have found that no matter what type of pet you are looking for, you can find it in a rescue or shelter ready to be adopted. I believe that it is better to rescue them from a shelter than to buy them in a pet store since these animals desperately need loving caring homes.  Some of them have been without proper care for quite some time.  The big pet stores see their animals as merchandise and not as a living breathing being. A lot of times people purchase pets on a whim without any idea how to care for it properly and run into problems when they do not have the proper equipment necessary for the pet they just purchased. It is vitally important that these pets have the things they need to thrive as they are totally dependent on you to provide those things.

Take Betta Splenden Fish for example, people normally purchase them on a whim because of their beautiful fins. Pet Stores even stock the half gallon tanks right under the Betta displays and so people purchase the tanks thinking that they are providing a great environment for their new finned friend. Pet Stores even tell the customer that this is a fine tank for your new Betta and you only need to change the water once a week. The truth is that Bettas are tropical fish that need heaters to keep their tanks between 76 and 82 degrees, filters to keep their tanks clean, and at least 2.5 gallons to swim around in. So what happens to that beautifully finned Betta that is kept in the half gallon tank? If the water isn’t changed daily their fins will get fin rot and because they are hardy fish they may make it to 8 months old if they don’t die from ammonia poisoning before that. Ammonia build up in the tank is from the Betta defecating and extra food that it doesn’t eat.  So the water needs to be changed daily in a small tank to keep the ammonia under control. Don’t even get me started on the crappy food that they have on display with the Betta that can lead to all kinds of problems.

Everyone knows that shelters have dogs and cats but maybe it would surprise you to find that they have bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, reptiles, tortoise or turtles and many other kinds of animal that you may be looking for.  I haven’t found one that does fish yet though. Most shelters match you to a pet and give you the pet’s history and how to properly care for the pet you choose. It is still up to you to have the proper equipment, food and give the proper care to your new pet.  Most shelters will make sure you have what you need before you take your new pet home.

Petfinder is a great website to find pets of all kinds in your area.

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon 

The mission of EBR is to provide a safe haven for birds in need and to seek proper placement of them through  a variety of proven rescue models.

The Gabriel Foundation for birds.

Adopt a Pet helps you find any kind of pet near you.

Arrowhead Reptile rescue for snakes, turtles, lizards any kind of reptile.