$ 19.99

Scoops up to 10 times faster than other scoops with less dust

  • lightweight, but never bends and flicks litter around
  • Perfectly angled to allow cleaning of sides and base of litter trays
  • Stove Pipe Cat recommended for stirring silica gel litters
  • 5 Year unconditional replacement warranty if damaged by normal use.

6 in stock (can be backordered)


The Kitty Litter Scoop Steel Poop is simply the best scoop you will ever find!

Scoop Up to 10 Times faster and with less dust…….

regardless of the type of litter you are using!

Got Multiple Cats?  Want to keep the dust down?  How about finishing your daily scooping in less time?  What ever your reason, we have the right tool for you.  Introducing “The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop” by G That’s Awesome. Scoop up to 10X faster than other litter scoops while keeping the dust down.  The Speed Scoop’s solid steel construction never bends and flick’s litter around the room like plastic scoops.  The wide flat head is ideal for stirring silica litter pan’s.  Even StovePipeCat, the President of the Almost Invisible Cat Litter Company, requires his butlers and servants to exclusively use The Speed Scoop on his personal litter trays.

We offer a 5 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY on all Speed Scoops that we sell with the confidence of knowing it will last much, much longer even in multiple cat environments.

The Almost Invisible Speed Scoop is manufactured by K-Kat Innovations and marketed only by G That’s Awesome!

13″ lightweight solid steel cat litter scoop with large collection basket, ergonomic handle with thumb rest for more leverage and flat 5″ beveled front edge that is perfect for stirring Almost Invisible Cat Litter and other silica gels litters, as well as scrapping nasty hardened clay off the bottom of the pan.

Retails for $24.99

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