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Cat trees have a very important role to play in a cat’s life. They encourage many major functions, which are invaluable to a cat’s well-being. The climbing poles double up as scratching posts, allowing the cat not only to take care of their claws and exercise the surrounding muscles, but also to leave their scent on. The climbing enables a cat to get exercise and is the closest thing to climbing a tree (a natural everyday action for an outdoor cat) and enables the cat to feel secure in a high place away from people or dogs, looking down on it’s territory. The cat tree is a piece of furniture that belongs to cats only and I would encourage any person who really cares about their cat to consider finding a space to put one.

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Majestic Pet 52 Inch Bungalow Cat Tree

Is your cat bored and climbing up on things you don’t want them to climb? It is a natural instinct for them to climb up on things. Is your cat scratching on furniture that you don’t want it to? This is also a natural instinct. This 52″ Cat Tree will help with both of those problems! Your cat will love to hang out and observe his kingdom from his very own perch. It will also provide the exercise and relief of his natural instincts without harming your furniture!

The Majestic 52″ Bungalow Cat Tree covered in elegant Faux Sheepskin with Sisal Rope wrapped posts that will withstand the toughest claws. This beautiful residence features a main entry is topped by a spacious main residence,leading up to dual perches high above to relax for a mid-afternoon siesta or just chill out to see what’s going on with the family. Brand New in box! Assembles in minutes with simple step by step instructions and tools provided. Cleans easily with a vacuum and damp cloth. Dimensions: Height 52″ x Length 15.5″ x Width 15.5″.

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